About Advanced Drainage Systems

Breaking New Ground And Leading Our Industry

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) is focused on drainage products and services that deliver solutions for the most persistent and challenging water management problems. From safely pre-treating and managing stormwater runoff, to helping developers and property owners harvest rainwater, we focus on the development of water solutions that make land more arable, cities more livable, and the world a greener place to live.

Advanced Drainage Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative stormwater and onsite septic wastewater solutions that manages the world’s most precious resource: water. ADS and its subsidiary, Infiltrator Water Technologies, provide superior stormwater drainage and onsite septic wastewater products used in a wide variety of markets and applications including commercial, residential, infrastructure and agriculture, while delivering unparalleled customer service. ADS manages the industry’s largest company-owned fleet, an expansive sales team, and a vast manufacturing network of approximately 70 manufacturing plants and 40 distribution centers. The company is one of the largest plastic recycling companies in North America, ensuring over half a billion pounds of plastic is kept out of landfills every year. Founded in 1966, ADS’ water management solutions are designed to last for decades.


Innovation at Every Turn

At ADS, we continually enhance our products, services and research, so that we can help customers solve water management issues in cities, towns and rural areas around the world. It's a privilege we take seriously because we know that with each pipe, fitting and chamber shipped, we are helping to improve the environments and lives of people everywhere.

Our first innovation was our first product, corrugated plastic pipe, and we've continued to innovate with each passing year. From vortex hydrodynamic separators that protect precious receiving waters by removing total suspended solids, to mobile apps that help agricultural planners calculate drainage volume and pipe, and even research that studies the efficacy of drainage products for specific markets, ADS is always developing innovative products and solutions that advances the world's water infrastructure.

Throughout ADS, we recognize that the key to every product development and successful customer outcome is our internal culture of innovation. We embrace continuous improvement and change at ADS, which positions us and, by extension our customers, for the future. Our focus on innovation is a promise our customers have come to count on, manifest in every green stripe that runs on our ADS pipe.


Award Winning, Industry Leader

We were also the first to differentiate and stand behind our pipe, branding all of our products with the now iconic green stripe that lets contractors know they are working with authentic ADS pipe. And with each new product development, we have proven time and again our total commitment to both product quality and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. In the process, we've become one of the largest, most experienced manufacturers of corrugated polyethylene pipe products in the world.


Worldwide Reach, Community Leadership

Today, more than 10 billion feet of ADS pipe are in service around the world. You can see our products everywhere – from major construction sites with drainage requirements, to residences in your own neighborhood. In fact, ADS technology has now led to the specification of total polyethylene systems for drainage, collection, and maintenance access.

A leading producer of corrugated plastic pipe, ADS is committed to continually improving pipe manufacturing technology, and the quality and performance of each new generation of pipe. We are also committed to increasing our market share in existing markets, investigating new product opportunities, and aggressively pursuing business opportunities in new markets.

At ADS, we are proud of the success we've achieved and the advancements we've pioneered in an industry responsible for rebuilding infrastructure, protecting our water resources, and ultimately, improving our quality of life.

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